The crew tv shows not working

My first time playing with firestick . i set it up. Everything was working fine. Just went to try tv shows and none are working. All the streams on list are 0. Movies and live shows iptv working fine. Im a newbie. i cleared cache and providers but still messed up. Any help is appeciated. Thanks

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Crew never works for me neither,
Iptv and Sport works but movies are hit and miss
even with a Vpn

I always use Oath it’s miles better.

Oh ok. It was working good then tv shows quit. I noticed if i go back and keep trying to get streams i will get only 6 . doesnt matter what show it is.Movies are working fine.

. I installed oath and it works good. Any other good ones like oath?

I also use Seren In Kodi

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Asgard is good for movies and TV streaming , magic dragon for films.
Both are in the Narcacist repo

I use the crew primarily for the NHL, bypassing ESPN+. Does oath provide NHL games? Sometimes the crew does not. Thx

Seren works great for me also. Its my new “Go-To”. Never had a buffer or wrong movie/show issue yet !

Does seren need debrid account? I tried it on my phone it asking for debrid account


Yes, seren isn’t free, it needs a rd.

can’t even install kodi. it loads to a certain point and then shows ‘app not installed’ . tried uninstall then reloaded. same problem.

kodi was working fine. next time it won’t open. i uninstalled then tried to download again. loads to a certain point, then says ‘app not installed’.
what to do?


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