The crew refused to install on KODI

I attampted to install the crew on KODI on my 4k max with negative results. It stated it could not make a connection with server and a couple of times received messaged failed to install. I followed the video to the letter. I had a USB memory stick connected and it showed at one level during install. I removed the USB and presto, it finally installed. My 4k max would not install the crew on KODI with a scan disk connected via otg cord. Anybody else had this issue?

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I did it with Kodi Matrix 19.4 on a 4K Max wih a fork from Troy’s RAI. Crew + Mat Titan+ Open Wizard and a Sandisk 16GB 3.0 USB drive. Uninstalled it all after 6 weeks, but it was doable.

Have you ever heard the expression " threes a charm"?
Sometimes the server that the zip file is stored on is busy or you just can’t establish a con nection with the server . This is common. Try it 2, 3 or 4 times. Eventually it will take it. Make sure you have the URL typed the URL correct of course . Good luck .

I thought pulling the memory stick might have been just a coincidence, but man it took 12 to 13 times over 2 days to get it to take. And it only took after I pulled the memory stick.

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