The Crew Addon Auto Play episodes

Hello -

i’ve searched everywhere but does anyone know how to set up The Crew addon to auto play episodes like Seren does? without having to add multiple episodes to a playlist? i want it to behave like Seren if possible. i have set playback to auto but it still doesn’t continuously play. thank you.

Auto play and play next episode are two different things. Auto play will just automatically pick the best steam and start playing it instead of giving you a list of streams to choose from.

I am looking for play next episode. same behavior as Seren addon. is that possible with The Crew?

Get a Netflix sub to do that for you. Is it too much work to back out to the next episode and load it up? Sorry just don’t understand this

it’s for convenience and my preference. i would like to not have to select each episode after it’s complete. if you’re not sure how to achieve this with the crew then that’s fine. i was wondering if there is a way

Not sure if there is a way in The Crew. But if you want to pay for that conveienence then Netflix will do that for you.

Seren does it as well. was wondering if a way to get that with the crew as well. thank you

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