The cost of a decent vpn

Every time I try to install a vpn, Surfshark or one of the other vpn’s they offer a great monthly cost. But when I go to the sign up page, they want a full yearly payment in advance. The last vpn I used, there was a small monthly payment that I could handle, What happened ???

JesseB you can get Surf Shark by the month. On their pricing page it’s 12.99/mth. But that doesn’t make sense when they have a super plan for say $2.99/mth. So around $36 for a year or $12.99 for one month, the option is there.

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If you want a low monthly cost, investing in a longer term sub is the way to go. Once you trial some of these VPNs and you’re sure it is best for your needs, I see no harm in making this commitment, as VPNs just don’t “go away” like cord cutting apks can. You can use VPNs for general web browsing even aside from cord cutting, so it is worth the investment for the security and privacy, in my opinion.


Also keep your eyes open for discounts, With surfshark and im sure others you can stack them on top of the current subscription. I think im paid on surfshark for several years due to grabbing deals when I see them and black friday is comming up so keep watching.


Thanks every body!!!

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