The Cloud and Physical Media

As technology continues to advance, our entertainment sources, including tv, movies, music, etc. are increasingly being stored electronically in the cloud. The consumer is coming to the point where he or she will own nothing and simply be purchasing a license to watch or listen to their entertainment. I am opening this topic to see how our community at Troypoint views this trend. Personally, over the years I have acquired a collection of physical media to ensure I will always have a reliable, unedited source of my favorite movies, tv shows and music.

I agree this is a possibility, unfortunately I’ve discovered that there isn’t yet any sense in focusing on what will be, as this medium is changing so fast, almost weekly, that you can’t truly plan ahead. I’m like you I’ve developed an app set that works perfectly for my streaming needs using my 4K Max, with multiple sources for those times when servers are on maintenance, apps are updating, or my source has disappeared. With agencies like Ace, MPAA, Amazon and Google coming together to heard us into their grip, one never knows what’s next.

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I prefer to do what I can to remain independent of the corporate and media conglomerates. I simply don’t trust any of them to act in the best interest of the consumer to give us the choices we want at a price I am willing to pay.


Its pretty simple that market pricing is what drives *most people to “cut the cord”.

There are really no affordable legal streaming options that are well rounded. Look at sling which offers 2 main packages $35 each or $50 for both maybe the cheapest well rounded channel lineup but limited by only allowing 1 stream from the orange and thats a killer for multi tv homes.
Greed by these larger companies are destroying the industry.
And whats with cable companys charging me for OTA trtansmissions thats free if I dump them. Nothing makes sense but all this is to line pockets and a big F YOU to all of us.

I currently am working on an internal server option to host my *own media and streamline delivery for me. I personally have no faith in anything cloud based. I do use a few things but would never place anything in the cloud I can afford to lose. IMHO


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