Teatv trakt code

Installed Teatv, when trying to register device with trakt, the code is not recognized. Only 4 characters. Tried using twice but still not recognized. Any suggestions?


Hi welcome to the community.

Did you try trakt on other apps or add-ons to see if it’s working.

Check internet connection.
VPN connection.

Otherwise you can check those steps from TP manual how to use trakt, and let us know if it works or not. If you click install TeaTV scroll down to see how to integrate trakt to it.


Install TeaTV

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Double checked, cleared cache and data from teatv app, closed app. Rebooted firestick 4K, reopened and tried same %1$s 4 character code.

Clarification; Teatv showed the same 4 character code as before. %1$s Trakt wants an 8 character code.

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Just received a signal that trakt website is down.
I will look further into this.

In meanwhile you can try it later on.

OK, thanks, will try again later.


Website is up and running again. But code activation process it could be down still or TeaTV app having problem.

If other users have similar problem could be soon reported.

Meanwhile If you’re using other apps or add-ons with Trakt integrated you can tested if it’s working.


Up and running, code generated properly. All is good in streaming land once again. Thanks again.