TeaTV and RealDebrid links

For some reason all RealDebrid links on TeaTV have subtitles which I can’t get rid of, non debrid links play fine and have no subtitles, any ideas on this, does anyone else have the same issue.

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Turn off cc in your settings, go to the subtitles options in your player and turn them off, use an external player like just player or mx player click on the speech bubble turn off…

If none of that works they are hard-coded and you cant get rid of them.

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Thanks for your quick response, I will try this and hope it works.


I have noticed also on teatv they hardly have any real debrid links when connected. I’ve tried resetting the app and log in and out of real debrid, but still barley any real debrid links

It’s true. Then when I did get RD links I was unable to scroll to any other links. I also got 2K links whick I’d never seen before. Lovely pic but no sound. As I have Stremio and RD works perfectly for me I have now put TeaTV on the shelf.

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Took your advice and tried MX Player which didn’t work too good. I then tried Titan Player and it works perfectly, no subtitles and playing perfectly.
Thanks for your help I will be a lot wiser for another time.

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