TeaSports and tplayer error

Seen a previous thread about TeaSports earlier. Thought I’d try it out. Installed fine on Nvidia Shield Pro and it loaded fine. On trying a match link, I got the notice that tplayer must be installed. The direct link if you hit OK says it’s now incompatible with device. I went across to the Troypoint link instead and downloaded tplayer from there.
I still get the msg inside TeaSports that I need tplayer installed, even though I have it installed :sunglasses: anyone experience this?

To fault-find I uninstalled TeaSports and tplayer. The reinstalled tplayer first and then TeaSports to see what happened…no joy!

Thanks King for doing the research. Android conflict? Did you try Mx Player? And the install of TeaSports didn’t trigger it to install the player?

I have MXPlayer. I use it on a few Apps. Tplayer installed fine via Troypoint. It opens itself and independently of TeaSports, all good! Just when you try to play a link (to watch a game) in TeaSports, it gives the msg that Tplayer must be installed and if you click the link (OK) it send you to playstore, but that version is telling me it’s no longer supported or compatible with my device.

I was thinking maybe Tplayer needed to already be installed before TeaSports so that it “picks it up” or recognises it on first run…no joy! No matter what order they are installed, TeaSports isn’t “seeing” Tplayer.
I’m assuming the Tplayer download via Troypoint is fine with Nvidia? Unlike the playstore version that returns the warning.
Any Nvidia Shield pro users want to have an attempt and see how you get on? let me know! :+1:

Yeah I’m using a 4Kmax with both players no problem. Yes hopefully other Shield users can add some light to this.

I’m gonna be nosey and put it on my 4K Max, just to see what I’m missing :grin:

As much as everyone wants to dismiss em they run most everything perfect. Wish I could slip 4gb of Ram under it’s hood !


Anyone have a Nvidia TV Shield Pro? It would be interesting to have someone else try out the combo of TeaSports and TPlayer to see if they experience the same.

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