T-Mobile internet service and IPVanish

Does IPVanish fully support T-Mobile internet service now?

Vpns work as long as you have internet or data service. So yes it should work. It doesnt matter who your carriers are.

Thanks! I’m Considering switching to T-Mobile’s $50.00 locked for life unlimited internet service and cutting the cord with local cable.

I think for security you will need to disable IPv6 until IPVanish updates for it.

wow, surfshark has blocked ipv6 since waaaaaay back and I always manually block it on my computers and my router comes ipv6 blocked out of the box :slightly_smiling_face:


My friend about a block from me tried it for a while and finally. got rid of it. We both get the internet from Cox for 49.99 for 2 years.

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Without changing the subject very much & still talk about VPNs…do any system apps or apps I put on my device care whether I’m using a VPN or not…I ask because I wonder if I should let any of them bypass the VPN…I don’t use any “mainstream” apps such as Netflix or Prime or Hulu or Tubi/Pluto etc etc…otherwise I’d let them be in the bypass lane. It’s obvious which ones I DO want to go thru the VPN…just wonder which ones, if any, shouldn’t…?

Personally I don’t think any app whether legal paid streaming or otherwise should ever connect to the internet unless going through a VPN. I like that my stream is anonymous and encrypted no matter what I’m doing. I’m a tad paranoid I guess.

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Ha ha…understandable in this day & age of big brother 1984 spying :grimacing: I guess I’m just wondering if the VPN would mess with any of the system apps for performance or anything…or maybe not recognize me for something I’m connected to/with via my original IP address at signup…if that makes sense. Speed is no problem for me as I get many times what is needed to stream.

The VPN wouldn’t affect your stream in any negative way that I’ve ever heard of. The only time I have anything affected is when I do banking, then I have to wait for them to send me a code to enter so they know it’s me. A sort of 2 part authentication I suppose.

Roger that…& kinda what I’m loosely eluding to I think…not that I do my banking on my tv…ha ha. Thnx Mik…I was wondering why I ever even worried about bypassing anything before, but all the sudden I started :thinking: & thought I would bounce it off y’all. :cowboy_hat_face: