Syncler won’t boot up

Syncler will not boot up on any of my Amazon fire sticks. Says failed to initialize Syncler. Please verify you can access and restart the app. Error:(z:-2,null)

Tried to restart and it won’t. Did force stop, clear cache. Rebooted Firestick including cutting power for 30 seconds and still won’t come up. Recently added Surfshark and did not have problems with that as far as I know

If not of that worked, you may need to uninstall/reinstall the Syncler app. I would have tried what you tried already, so I think this may be the next step. Surfshark shouldnt cause issues like this, so I dont think we need to point at your VPN, at least yet.

Just wanted to thank you for your response. Syncler must have just been down as you said. Just tried it and it came up perfectly!


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