Syncler ..what does it do

Sorry, once again this old guy is back.
Just need a few sentences on what Syncler does. I use APKs with Real Debrid currently.


I really suggest using the search function and going to the website and looking up streaming apps all the info is available to you. Not at all being rude, i respect everyone here and there input.

Its a streaming app and a pretty good one.


If you choose to use it read all the guides. Syncler has its own paid version with RD and its a amazing combo, one of my favs.

Didnt even notice you where a patron! Watch his video on this, its amazing!

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@pophott In my opinion, Syncler is the best app that you can currently use with Real-Debrid. I have a special setup video available for Founding Members and Patrons like you here - BTW, thanks for supporting what we do!