Syncler + subscription trouble

A little more than four months ago I set up the syncler app on five devices. I had used a video other than Troypoints at the time. It was a good video, it showed steps by step on how to install, purchase the syncler+ subscription and how to activate. This video has since been taken down and I can no longer find a video on how to go through the purchasing steps of syncler+. I thought I would wing it the other day and just give it a try on my own. I followed the steps in the purchase area but I never received my order number. From what I gather you need to order number and your email address, to search for your order. I have sent an email to billing@customer service, showing them my method of payment, date and email address. I haven’t heard anything back yet. There was an automatic reply stating that it would be 5 to 7 business days before getting back to me. Has anyone else had this problem?


When you buy splus with crypto there is steps they give you that you have to follow, you dont get a key to your email with them, you get a reply save that and get access to their purchase page where your key is.

U less you bought from q reseller.

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Do you think my $25 is gone?

You say, I get a reply to save. Is that a reply via Email?


Im not sure what you did or how you paid for s+

I paid using crypto currency


Sorry for the late reply. You are givien instructions when you pay with crypto… there is a provate page that has your key and info after payment was received.


So after payment they give you something you download and it opens up with your tracking order, put that in the syncler order track order with the email paid with and you will see your key

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