Syncler+ payment center

Businesses like crypto because there’s no reverse into the charges like there is on credit card.

Syncler Plus Official Store seems to be cheapest if you have a bitcoin account.
If you use the crypto option, where do you find your confirmation and code.
I was told you don’t get an email and you have to find a confirmation.
Any guidance please.

Coinbase is simplest way of dealing with crypto payments and using cash app is simple as well main thing people never consider for crypto is the fee every purchase of crypto has a fee think of it as tax to make it simple. So pay attention to the fee so you will actually buy the correct amount to cover the transaction so you don’t end up a few dollars short. Biggest thing to remember wait until the Bitcoin purchase is confirmed sometime you have to wait a little bit for your balance to update but honestly buying Syncler+ is too advanced for most people on this platform and there’s a tutorial on TP so maybe go watch that you may understand the way he shows it better. Because crypto is quite easy for a one off transaction and I’m surprised so many people here use third party streaming services but completely lost on crypto when nearly all third party streaming services use Bitcoin purchase

As you purchase something like an iptv service, you will be assigned a very long account code. copy and paste only.
Then as you attempt to pay and copy it into the sent to, the app should take you to their Watchlist where it will have to sit for 48 hours. After that you can make payment.
When you make a deposit it has to sit in account for 14 days before you can use to pay someone.
I think your deposit is available immediately to buy crypto.
Your coinbase account is not the same as a wallet account.
Bitcoin BTC make sure you know what you bought and what you are using to buy.
If what you are buying has a support chat be on line to have them watch and verify receipt.
By the way I hate using coinbase.

Thank you for your input. Sounds way to complicated for me