Syncler Package Issues

I have Syncler installed on my Fire Cube.
I have installed the Jaked-Up-Hybrid package with Orion.
When I search for sources for a tv show, I get several options but when I play any of the options there is no audio.
Is there something I need to adjust?

The two things that come to mind.

  1. It is an issue with the source link
  2. There is a setting that is keeping audio from playing

Are you running this through a receiver?

In the event there are 80 sources I try to connect and can without audio until the last couple of choices going down in size.

I am not running it through a receiver.
And today I realized all the choices are Cache and no torrent options.

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Does audio play in the 720p sources but not the 4k?

Basically yes… I can find sources that include audio in 720p but even then the size needs to be smaller than 1g even less than 700.

And then, when I get a source to play with audio it might play for 10 minutes and then buffers returning to the list of sources and they all fail so I have to back out and find options again.

Do you currently sort the sources from best to worst? If not, I would highly recommend that. You can also leave off 4k if you choose, but having the best sources for the quality that you want is huge. These have the best bitrate and the best audio quality.