SYNCLER not working for me in Canada

Hello All,

I was using the basic Syncler (non-TRAKT / non-REAL-DEBRID) up until about a month ago and then suddenly although it was still operational it was unable to find any sources for almost all TV shows which I had been watching. In fact it seemed to only find sources for very few (if any TV shows): You could find the shows in its library but no sources were found.

This was the original download. So… I uninstalled and tried both installing the original app through Troypoint’s Rapid App installer as well as the auto-provisioning app: No Joy! Then, I tried downloading the app through both Aptoide and File-Synced: Still no Joy!

Also none of the above worked whether I was on a VPN or not. DOes anybody have the same issue? Can anybody shed any light on how to fix?



Without real debrid syncler relys on its free providers and they are not as accurate. Its also possible it could be down.

Make sure you have bouncy problem installed as its synclers best one for kosmos

I just checked. Syncler server is up and running, returning data in 29 ms.


Yes syncler is up, im talking about the package provider which is individually maintained. Similar to kodi repos.

Hi TP-Dracoo,

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I was using bouncy each time but still no difference. I understand about real debrid being better than free providers but the sudden difference with bouncy free providers starting about a month ago was very extreme. Did something happen to Syncler at that time?


I have tried uninstalling and re-installing at least 10 times during the last month (most recently yesterday) but still no joy. I have no idea re: why.

Oh I know @TP-Dracoo . I thought the OP might be concerned about Syncler being down so I checked, just trying to help them eliminate potential reasons for their issue.

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What is Bouncy problem?

Do you have a paid Syncler account, I had same problem then figured my account had expired.good luck.

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Thats the name of the current best free provider for kosmos.

Hi Jahhash,

Thanks for he suggestion. Interestingly enough: I never had a paid account and Syncler worke fine for me for a few months. Then suddenly about a month ago it really dropped off as i described previously.

Just to clarify: Are you saying that Syncler only works if you have a paid account on it? If so, is Real Debrid or Trakt, etc. also required?

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