Syncler+ need help

Still new to this so bear with me please. Tried to create a syncler+ account to give me better viewings options and hopefully less issues than Cinema. When I tried to pay with a CC for a years subscription I was directed to third party payment options with additional fees. Only option i had to pay directly to syncler was with bitcoin. Too old school here for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are these payment options legitimate? If so, which one is most trusted, feeling skeptical.

Again, trying to improve our viewing options with firestick 4k. Cinema has become very problematic. I also have a RD acct. to increase sources.


Unfortunately unless you use bitcoin to pay direct the 3rd party sellers charge a fee. I used premiumkey & received my code.

If you dont mind me asking, were you comfortable using a CC or did you use paypal?

Also, did you notice an increase in quality sources going with the syncler+?

Yes more links with +, & don’t think it matters if I was comfortable using cc or not, you have to be comfortable.

Perimum key was fast. If they tell you the key needs actvation it doesnt. Just put it in s+ done.

Bitcoin is much better tho.

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