Syncler links very few

I followed instruction for Syncler and put in the Kosmos. I added my Real Debrid but I am not getting many links to TV shows. The instructions were a bit confusing towards the end, I stopped right after adding Kosmos & Real Debrid. Do I need something besides or instead of Kosmos to get more content? I want to use the free version.


Make sure your real debrid is installed and authorized properly.

There is 2 free kosmos package providers that are the best free ones. If you have a real debrid the one in the guide is great.

Can copy and paste these links to install them.

These links are you top kosmos provider packages and if you have real debrid they work better. You can always try kodi or stremio as well. You can also upgrade to s+


I had the same problem with Syncler and Real Debrid as it had limited links until I upgraded to Syncler +, then the links were a plenty :slight_smile:

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