SYNCLER light gray screen problem

Could not find anything in search about this. Rather than uninstall/re-install I wondered if there was a quick fix.
All works great in Syncler right up to selecting a link, then I just get a light gray screen and I cannot even back out of that. I have to select Home on remote to get out.
I have S+ and real-debrid <<(exp dec 2022).
Has anyone experienced this light gray screen.

Check your storage to make sure it is not full.


While checking your storage if your are low on ram this will happen too.

There is another player I came across people use with syncler that’s lighter than mx and has all the codecs. Might be worth trying.

Storage is fine. 2.26GB. I was running Syncler from the USB storage drive. Moved it to internal, still the same. Now I feel stupid :thinking: how do I check the RAM available on firestick 3rd gen?. I clear the cache on my apps almost daily.

Thanks @Hgmartin and @TP-Dracoo. I again went through all apps, cleared cache, I went into syncler and selected Force Stop, I then changed player from MX to VLC (even though is suggested as “least” to use in settings. I then did a restart and it works.??? Not sure which of the above did it but thanks to both of you for your suggestions.
TP-Dracoo: what is the other player you mentioned and I would still like to know how do I check RAM available on firestick 3rd gen. Thanks again.


I’m very happy you got it working. I will get back to you on that, I have been working 13 to 15 hour days this week and nom stop driving. When I test it out I will pm you.

If you run into this issue again pm me I will open the topic.

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