Syncler failed to initialize

Tried to open syncler and got error:Z:-2,null. Tried to access , but wouldn’t open. Any ideas?

Same here. Seems like something is going on


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Yes, Check out the pinned topic on this error. Currently syncler is down. (as per the redit subfourm) And a ping test to there severs.

Syncler info please read - APKs - TROYPOINT Insider

Still being looked into. I will keep an eye on the matter as well. The topic i linked also explains another reason it does this.

Currently its back up, next time anyone gets this error look at the topic.
Your internet is down or syncler isnt getting internet
Needs an update
Syncler is down.

Check reddit for that. I will work on a server check for it and keep it on our forums for next time.

This topic can be resolved with a solution. Enjoy syncler everyone! :slight_smile:

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