Syncler Crashes & Rebooting

I have had Syncler from the start and it’s the best hands down…But after renewing my premium pkg this month it keeps crashing…
I installed the Wolf Launcher and my apps started crashing or weren’t uploading correctly so I uninstalled it, but my problem still exist with syncler. I keep having to restart my Fire Cube 1st generation after playing two or three movies on Syncler and all of them are crashing midway through and restarting me at the beginning of the movies after automatically rebooting.
I just renewed my subscription in December, that’s when this started. Coincidence?
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Syncler 3 times with no success to solving this issue.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.
Using FireCube 1st gen. 5 years old.


Mine works just fine even after a new key. I used it last night without issues.

There was a week where it was super buggy but seems to have been resolved. I’m not seeing any issues like you described aside from one. Sometimes the key you entered has to be authenticated so this may be a slower process so it may interfere with how syncler works. But that has only happened once and just leaving it alone for 24 hours and restarting the box worked.

I’d check to make sure your devices resources aren’t being taken up and clear you cache on everything. Make sure other stuff isn’t running in the back ground.

Put your key in and wait before using syncler again and see what happens.

When I get home tonight I will check again and see if there is issues.


Thank you for the reply…
Is it possible that maybe my firebox is failing…It being 5 yrs old?
I have tried everything to find the problem including uninstalling, reinstalling then scanning each app and that has found nothing. I’m sure now it wasn’t the wolf launcher or any of my apps causing the Syncler crashes which are Peacock, Discovery, Sling, Cinema and Syncler. The others are loaded by Amazon.

Thanks again…


Other apps working fine? I would run sd maid pro and turn off anything you can running in the background.

I just played with syncler and I’m receiving no issues that you have mentioned.

You can clear your cache and restart syncler but you will lose your favorite list. I checked the there reddit to and didn’t see much on this issue with renewing other than you can’t renew early but that’s how syncler works.

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Just reloaded Syncler and loaded Wolf launcher…Will do as you advised before opening them and run the maid pro. I’ll also activate the task killer…
One scan did show KODI was concerning so I uninstalled it.

Fingers crossed…Thank you so much. A lot of help TY.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful it’s hard when it doesn’t happen to me. But yours suggest that your devices resources are taken up. Report back on what you found.

Great help thank you. Running everything now and will see if that helped me…
Will keep updated TP…


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