Syncler App movie missing drop down menu arrow for additional movies choices and changing year

I have the Syncler App on my Fire Stick and Android tablet. On my tablet the home screen listing different genres of movies there is a right arrow to click on each category that will shows rows of movies to scroll and you can change the year also but on fire stick it doesn’t show up tried different settings including the catalog drop down menu . Is it just missing on the Fire stick format.


Hi Paul welcome to the platform
It sounds strange same Apk on different divices with different genres.

Installed on Firestick, and Android Tablet “I’m not tablet user”, but far as I know it shouldn’t be any problem.

Are you using the free or primuim one. Anyway here is TP manual for the correct installation steps that you can check if you installed it correctly otherwise uninstall and reinstall it again if necessary. If you have further questions pls post them for further assistance.:+1:

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