SYNCler and Trakt

I just downloaded Syncler and linked my Trakt account.
it seems to link fine but i cant find my favorites.
if i search for the show it shows in my list and what i have watched but i cant find the list of the saved and or favorite shows.
it will show a few of my shows under the “Up Next” category, but not all.
and non of my movies show…

is there a setting or somewhere else i can look for my favorite section??



I haven’t used Syncler in a while. I have seen others comment that Trakt doesn’t work all that great with Syncler. My experience with Trakt is that it can be flaky at times. Works great sometime and other times not. From app to app it can behave different.

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I’ve been using Syncler and Trakt now for a few months. Cinema was always my go to for Tv & Movies, but now since I figured out how to navigate Syncler, it is my go. Mostly for Tv shows.
Troy has a great video in his RAI Latest videos section on how to set it up with Trakt. I also opted for the Syncler + account. It’s only $20 and change for a year so well worth it. That coupled with Real Debrid and your good to go.
If you scroll down to the next line after Up next, it will show Watch list, Collection. History and more. Collection is Favorites I think.
And make sure you choose Trakt in the upper left hand corner. Watch Troys video.
Hope this helps.

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