Surfshark while on my Firestick slow

Last two days Surfshark download speeds have significantly slowed ? I contacted support and was told to switch locations , didn’t help, I installed latest version from rapid app installer. any ideas?

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Depends on variables. Do testing before blaming the vpn.

Wifi on off
Is your stick close with in 10 feet of the wifi router?
Have you tried other devices?
Process of elimination.

What is your speed that you pay for? Are you sure you are not experiencing isp issues? Are you checking your bandwidth allocation.

Thank you.
I will give this a try.

I noticed the same thing and tried different swttings and severs. No luck. I still had slow speeds.

I noticed the same thing. I have IPVanish and Surfshark. My Wi-Fi router is about one foot from my Firestick 4k. Speeds on average are 50% less using Surfshark. The loss of speed has not affected the stream quality though. Like all streaming you have to tweak here and there to fine tune your setup.

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