Surfshark VPN Renewal


My sub is just about expiring this June 30th…I can extend it for other 2 years for $71 Canadian… is surfshark worth to be a client again ?


I’ve had nothing but fantastic results as a Surfshark user for over a year. Obviously that’s my take on it


I Switched to surfshark a few mths ago…I give it 5* … great srevice & value. If it aint broke, dont fix it


well that’s good enuff for me thx


Is this price the same as your initial subscription or is it higher?

Following this one as my IPV is going to end next month.

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I’ve used Surfshark for a couple of years and echo the posted comments that it works great and the support is fantastic. Also, whenever they’ve had a promotion, they’ve allowed me to extend my subscription early at the promoted price!

I switched from IPV to SS a couple of months ago. No regrets yet. However it’s Wireguard protocol is not compatible with the various IPTV that I use.

I’m locked into the wireguard protocol and have absolutely no issues on any playlist I use in TiViMate. Not sure why a protocol would specifically cause an issue with iptv yes it might affect speeds through your ISP, but not specific apps like IPTV players.

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I use Kodi’s PVR IPTV Simple Client. I have to set SS protocol to Open. With WireGuard it will not load when I launch Kodi.

Sorry I gave up using Kodi a few weeks back. Hopefully someone who still uses it can give you some guidance.

What happens when you just leave it on auto?

SS defaults to WG and again the IPTV won’t load.

IKEv2 doesn’t work either. Only OpenVPN

Very strange…I’ve trialed & used dozens of iptv services thru SS & never run across that.

yes the price is the same

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Guess it is something unique to Kodi’s Simple PVR client.

Are you an Amazon Firestick user? My Surfshark seems to block YouTube when I am connected to SurfShark VPN. I wonder if you are having the same issue right now. Please note that I get the same problem from 2 different Firestick devices but when I use another VPN client (non-Surfshark), YouTube works fine!

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