Surfshark Overkill

I had to turn off my kill switch because it was needlessly killing my wifi and my replacement for my safety dot kept flashing green when the kill switch the wifi down. With the kill switch off my safety square functions properly when the vpn is off, turning red. Should I

Your safety dot is working perfectly. SS with killswitch ON the dot will show green as it should, because you are “safe” and protected as you are not “open” to the internet. If the dot changes to red, that means that your internet traffic is “NOT” going through the VPN and not protected and your real IP address is being broadcast.


Sorry my question was cut off. My safety dot (replacement) works perfectly when the kill switch is off, otherwise when the wifi is killed because of an alleged vpn failure the safety square is still flashing green. Furthermore I was getting frequent kills when my vpn was still on. I installed ss from its official website. I haven’t tried any fixes, only verifying when my vpn is on and off by going into the ss app.

But that’s what I’m explaining. Your VPN monitor is working perfectly. With an active Killswitch the VPN is on and running, your internet isn’t. So as the safety dots monitor the VPN and it is on, your dot remains green as you are safe. If your VPN fails and your internet is active, then you are unsafe and the monitor will display a red symbol.


Obviously I am confused about the kill switch. I thought the whole point of it was to cut off the wifi when there is no vpn protection so one’s device is not visible. In other words I thought the kill switch is activated when there is no vpn on.

Duh, if there is no wifi you are safe.

Thanks, I’m also having a problem with surfshark on my phone…Outgoing emails aren’t working and come back to me undeliverable??? Any suggestions would help…

The Kill switch shuts off internet access but the VPN is still running. The safety dot is green as it monitors your VPN connection and the VPN is working. Now if the app fails or shuts off completely then you will get a red symbol as a warning that your VPN is off, but your internet is still on and working and not blocked by the VPN killswitch, and so you are open to be seen and your home IP Addy is being broadcast.


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