Surfshark downloaded to my expanded memory

Help my surfshark downloaded to my usb expanded memory on firestick how do I put it on internal memory please
Thank you

You should be able to go into app management and you will have an option to move it back onto the Firestick.

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App management I’m sorry what app management I’m kinda a beginner please explain
Thank you

Please explain step by step how to do that
Thank you

If you go to the cog wheel beside the first line of your apps, click it, it will get you to a menu of many things such as About your firestick, Audio settings etc. In there is an Application box and if you click it, you can see all the apps you have installed. When you move to the one you’re speaking of, there should be a selection to Move App back. That seems what you want to do rather than having it on your USB stick that must be connected with an OTG cable. It’s also fair to say, whoever did that would easily be able to show you around.

What Wizzard said will work if you have a 4K Max (OS 7). However, if you have an OS 6 device (4K, Lite), it’s much more difficult to move and app back and forth between internal & external storage.

I don’t have the 4k max I only have 4k. Version

I’m sorry I only have the 4k lite version

Please read the following how to install ss on fs! (Step by step!)

My experience with my FS 4K (OS 6) with external storage (32GB flash drive) is that any app that is installed via the Amazon store automatically gets installed to the internal storage. Any app that is side loaded (I use X-Plore to install apps I download with my laptop), gets installed to the external storage. Did you install Surfshark from the Amazon store, or side load it?

I installed from the Amazon store I went by Troypoint video

I guess I could logout uninstall surfshark then reinstall but since I went by Troypoint video I’m not sure it will bot install on usb again
I attached my usb memory doing everything Troypoint said to do it was good so that’s why I am at a lost not sure how to get it on the actual stick unless I unplug it then install surfshark
Thank you all for helping me much appreciated
So should I uninstall then disconnect usb then reinstall ?

It seems reasonable that if you uninstall it, pull the stick and reinstall, there is no place for it to install but internal memory. That is what I would do.

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I’m not sure if uninstalling, removing the USB drive, and then reinstalling will work. Certainly it will install SS on the internal storage, however I don’t know if you’ll run into problems when you plug the USB drive back in. I would suggest that you power down the stick (remove the power cable) before plugging/unplugging the USB drive.

I guess the question I have for you is why you’re insistent on installing SS on the internal storage rather than the external storage. FWIW, I have virtually everything installed on the flash drive. While slightly slower, I haven’t noticed any problems with the apps on the external drive. Apart from saving space on the internal storage, I’ve found an additional advantage. If you’re using streaming apps (most apps are), they all build a cache file to minimize buffering. I have found through experiments that the cache files reside on the same storage medium that the app is installed on. What that means is if you have your streaming apps installed on the external storage, you don’t need to worry about emptying the cache to prevent running out of storage space. Now, SS will also create a cache file, however it’s small and doesn’t grow any appreciable amount, so it won’t “hurt” anything to have it installed on the internal storage.

Well Troypoint stated he would make sure the vpn is on the internal drive since we use it all the time and I have notice when surfshark starts there is a glitch right at start up comes in goes out comes right back in I was thinking it was doing that because it is on the external
Thank you

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