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2 questions: 1-I have my VPN on my tv cube,does it protect me on my Android tv also. or do I have to install on my Android tv also 2on some sites I have to disconnected my VPN in order to see the web page, I thought that I didn’t need to do this…
I got my T95 plus today,so,tomorrow I"m going to attempt to install it and some apps.I might be asking for help tomorrw LoL

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Unless you have your VPN on your router, you will need to install the VPN app on each device to be protected. Some sites like Amazon dont love the VPN but be careful about what you turn the VPN off for. If it is a safe and verified site that you dont mind losing anonymity, you can split tunnel (bypass) that app so it doesnt route through the VPN. That way you dont have to turn off whole VPN to access it each time.

thx .I don’t think I have it on my can I check to see if it is on my router

Unless you have a VPN router, you would have to manually put it on yourself, and it is a tedious process. You would know if you did that lol. I think it is safe to assume it isnt, so if you want to be protected install on each device.

thx again .I’ll check it out tomorrw.I’ll let you know the out come

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@AMD237 …just a quick ? so if i’m using a fire 4k, Onn , KM box, mecool, or any other streaming devise, etc. etc. with VPN on each device when it is in use, , i have to have VPN on my TV as well? :thinking:

I did say each device, but I meant each streaming device. If you use your Firestick to access content, you would want it on your stick. Now if you used the TV to access questionable stuff then yea I would put it on there. Other than that the only reason the tv needs to connect to the internet is for updates and stuff, and that is all safe and dont need a vpn for that.

@AMD237 …thanx for the quick reply…yes-that’s what i thought, but

threw me off for a second, so thought i would check and make sure… i try to keep up with you guys and the ever changing tech, but getting older and years, actually decades would be more honest, of hitting to party scene pretty hard tends to erase some memory…heck, i even surprise myself sometimes making it back home from the grocery store… :rofl: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Well,everything went real.T95 was easy to install.VPN is install.the only problem I had was that darn all most drove me crazy.I download the APPS I want.I’m happy with everything. thx Guys

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