Surfshark app from troypoint app

Just signed up for Surfshark, Try to use the split tunneling and Would not work I contacted support he told me to delete the app because it’s probably has corrupt files and re-download it ,Ire-download it from google play End it worked fine the corrupt files were on the app download it from Troypoint so I would avoid using that app or you’re just going to have to go through a whole process again

No doubt @TROYPOINT will look into this. Very rare apps downloaded via downloader or within RAI are suspect or have corrupt files.
Thanks for the heads up :+1:

You are welcome I am just going by What’s your shark support told me but down loading from google play did fix the problem

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The app works fine, i will investigate further tho into this issue to be sure.

Just a little further info for you this was on Nvidia shield pro, Don’t know if the device makes any difference

Thanks for this information @Boligee I pulled that .apk download link directly from the Surfshark website here - Download Android VPN APK (Free trial available) - Surfshark Worked fine on my Onn Android TV Box but didn’t try split tunneling. I will look into this right now. Thanks again.

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I got everything working on my pc. App, bluestacks downloads all of it. But i didnt try my stick.

Ugoos and formuler work. Im starting to think firetv is starting to conflict with apps and other stuff

Works like a dream on my Max but I downloaded and installed from the app store after signing up and registering an account.

I sent a video to Surfshark telling them about this problem with the standalone APK. It is now fixed and I have tested and it is working as it should with Split Tunneling. The Surfshark app has been added back to Rapid App Installer and is working as it should. Thanks for letting me know about this @Boligee


will surfshark open all channels on ustvgo or is it still nord vpn only? if so , i’m all in. i’ve been with IPv for several years and will still keep. my main device is nvidia shield 2017. thanks

I don’t use US TV go so I really don’t know about that

According to surf shark is one of the few VPNs that work with US TV go the article is from August 17 of this year if you want to check it out on the website I don’t know how to forward it to you but it is easy enough to find

Yes, I actually just created this new video this morning about this.

Surfshark works great with USTVGO.


Thank you for the videos.

This weekend im going to go threw the website and the insider and see if i can add more quick mega topics or edit them to add these


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