Surfshark and Microsoft Outlook

I use Microsoft Outlook 2007 as my mail client and with Surfshark I am running in to a problem. I can receive my emails just fine but, when I create an email and then send it I get errors and the message stays in my Outlook Outbox … If I pause Surfshark I can send it and them re establish the VPN connection… The big problem comes when I forget to turn off the VPN to send it… Ok, I’m old give me some slack.

I did contact Surfshark and their response is to change my mail settings and ports from what the one I use which is most common… I am concerned in doing this because we travel and so far I’ve not had any problems with my set up in Outlook 2007 until I use the VPN. Is that an alternate way to approach this…I’ve chatted with Surfshack to discuss this but the only approach they have is change my settings. I wonder if IPvanish would be the same issue?

Microsoft outlook 2007 is very un-secure mail app as well as most microsoft products and it would appear surfshark is blocking common ports used to attack outlook or the client in general. I would guess if you intend to continue using this product would be to split tunnel the app or make port changes within outlook.


TXron, thanks for the reply. for some reason Outlook 2007 isn’t letting me change anything… I guess it’s an old ap that was set up for windows 7 in the days… I have used it for years and have not had to change it… .now I have it on Windows 10 through my Microsoft office app… I will look in to split tunnel I looked at first but got confused, I"l try it again. Thanks is there a tutorial on split tunnel on Surfshark?

I’m sure there is somewhere but basically just look into the app and you will see 2 options, one for bypass or one to route through. Pick your option, for instance bypass and click on all the apps you want to bypass the vpn.

Thanks again, so I went to the vpn settings, I can see where you can bypass an app… unfortunately Microsoft Office or Outlook is not showing up as a app… I’ll keep looking. In the mean time I put Chrome app on my system and I usually surf and go through Chrome while surfing… If I do this I can still use Outlook 2007. If I need I can turn off the chrome app and open up windows with no issue unless I want to use Outlook… Kind of crazy…

yea there are ways around stuff just be careful. Windows is famous for security issues.

Basically you will need to split tunnel as @TXRon said. That outlook is outdated and has flaws that most vpns will cause issues with.

Thanks TPDracoo… I looked at the split option (called Bypass in Surfshark) and you have to see and application and because Outlook is combined or integrated in Office… I don’t see either… Not going to get upset… I’ll figure something out… just thought if there was an easy fix… I’d do it.

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