Surf shark dropping out

I switched over to surf shark last week. When watching movies it drops out at least once in two hours, restarts my 4K Max and then I have to restart surf shark and the app I was in and then find the movie I was watching. Currently I am a little disappointed. Can anyone advise?? Thanks.

Try switching protocol from wireguard to opvn and see if that helps or vice-versa also try switching server locations. On wireguard use the vpn closest to your location and on opvn use the new york server. Post back

I would also turn off Ad-Guard and Kill Switch to help isolate the issue. Hopefully just temporary until we can figure out why it is dropping out.

Thanks, I switched these things. We’ll see if this makes a difference


Im not sure what the Ad-Guard is or where to find it??

When you go into your SS app, go to features on the left side, and then over to CleanWeb.

I switched a couple month ago. I am finding out IPVanish is a better option for me. Surfshark drops connections or freezes and is slower than IPVanish. The only server that was close to working as well as IPVanish was the New York server. The closest servers would work for 5 minutes then stall. Changing to different protocols does nothing. It’s bad using them all.

I still try it from time to time to see if there is any improvements. So far it’s turned into a waste of money.

Surfshark might be great for some. It isn’t for me. If whatever VPN you use is working stay with it. The old say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” applies here. My VPN, IPVanish, was and still is working wonderfully. After reading glowing reviews here I decided to switch since my contract was up. Bad choice.

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It wasn’t a “bad” choice, it was a calculated risk that didn’t pay off. I guess I question why you didn’t try and get your money back and move to IPVanish again? Surfshark offers 30 day money back, so if you had tried everything and it just didn’t work for your needs, I would have contacted them. For me, IPVanish is terrible, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad VPN. All of these are trial and error, it is part of the process to see what “upgrades” you can make in your cord-cutting system.


I did the trial of IPVanish and could not get anything stable after a couple days. Been using SS since April 2021 and have it on every device in house and works so well for me. I also use Express occasionally and is stable. I tried Nord and it’s actually the worst of them all for me. Everyone’s situation is different so you really have to experiment and find what suits you. All good products but not necessarily for everyone

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