Suddenly Lost Audio on KM6

Updated a few apps before I shut my box down last nite & this morning I had no audio. No idea if that had anything to do with it but I did uninstall & “un-updated” the couple of system apps I updated…still no audio anywhere…microphone works but don’t get the warble when I press it…nothing in tivimate, youtube, kodi, etc. Have trouble-shot every possible thing I can think of…cables, settings, hard resets, etc & still nada. My TV audio & backup android box works fine…in both HDMI ports. Would hate to have to do a reset, but not sure what else to look at…suggestions appreciated. :cowboy_hat_face:

If your cables work on other products other than the km6, its not the cables if everything works on other units its probably the box, i would suggest a full reset, if that fails then maybe contact their support.

Copy…I’m almost there…usually contacting MeCool is an exercise in futility…& I hate resets…but it may come down to either or both…maybe someone will have a magic fix…thnx D.

I hear you, I have built many computers and programed many harddrives with os, and i friggen hate having to do resets, but its the only way to break up any software issues if you cant pinpoint or isolate the issue.

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Yeah…and considering I just did some app & system app updates right before it happened makes me think something there was the culprit…too coincidental . And…I believe Google Chrome had some kind of hack or something that made them put out a patch update & I’ve been messing with it on my box…so???

Reset worked…now the fun begins :roll_eyes:

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