Subtitles on downloaded film?

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I’ve downloaded a few films from kodi to my tablet to watch offline but I can’t figure out how to get subtitles on the download. I know how to get them on kodi when I’m online so that’s not an issue. Can anyone point me in the right direction.



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If they subs are available after downloading you will need vlc mx player or just player.

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Thanks for your reply. I had been playing about there and downloaded VLC and was able to download subtitles. I assume these were embedded in the film download?


Not always embedded, if they where you wouldn’t be able to turn them off or on. Not all links come with subs, but they have been getting better

Default setting in Kodi is subtitles on. If you have subtitles playing and you don’t want them, go into the Kodi player settings and turn them off. If they aren’t embedded in the file, I’m not sure what you can do to get them.

As someone who lives in a place where bandwidth fluctuates at times, and having a wife who needs subtitles due to some hearing issues, I have done a lot of troubleshooting on playing subtitles on downloaded content.

Here is a good guide for initial setup which you may have already done:

There are of couple of extra things I have done which I will summarize below.

  1. I have setup three folders: Movies, TV Shows and Subtitles (Note - a tip for those using an external USB drive on the Nvidia Shield, make sure you create these folders under a folder named NVIDIA_SHIELD which gets placed there when you add the drive. It makes it easier for other apps to find this content).
  2. In the Troypoint guide, I believe it starts at point 14 for Settings / Player. I’m not looking at my Kodi right now but I believe if you change your setting from Standard to Expert, you will see an option to set the folder to download your subtitles to. Just point it to the folder you created above.
  3. When I then search for the content I want to download, and I decide on which one I want, I move my cursor to highlight it and long press (on the shield - may be different on another device) and I select download. I answer some questions as to whether I want to download and what the folder name of the content should be, it then downloads and gives you periodic updates up to 100%.
  4. Next I quick press the row I’m on to start streaming the same file. I then check on the player whether subtitles are present and marked as Internal. If so, they should be included in what you downloaded earlier. If marked as External or not present, you will need to Download. When you select the subtitle you want, it will download it to the folder you setup earlier.
  5. Next I try to play the downloaded file and if subtitles are not set, I select Browse and find the subtitle file in the folder I created earlier.
  6. If you are then going to watch the content on another device, copy the video file and the subtitle file to that device. Setup VLC or MX or whatever app you use as to where to look for subtitle files.

That should address most of what you need. Like I said, it is a little tricky but I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now. I find most newer content has the subtitles included now.

If you have any questions, let me know. And if anyone knows of some simpler ways to deal with this, I’m all ears.

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If you want to download subtitles to the video you downloaded to your device. There are many website that offer subtitles, but my choice is Open Subtitles

If you decided to use the website you can sign in to create an account to use later in Kodi device.
If you decided not to sign in, you can still sear for the subtitles.

To do that:

  • Click on website,
  • Copy the video link you have downloaded exactly
  • Paste the link in search field in open subtitles website.
  • Select the subtitles language of your choice
  • In the search results select and download the subtitles link to the video folder in your device.

When playing the video click on subtitles, and navigate to the subtitles file you just downloaded.

Note it’s very important to copy the video link and paste this in search field, otherwise you will end with Synchronisation problem " Voice and Subtitles will not be Equal ". So if you counter this problem ga back to search field and select another link.

I tried that however whenever I clicked on download subtitles it didn’t seem to work on the tablet. I’ve got it sorted now though. Thanks.

Brilliant thanks this works for me. Initial set up was done as you guessed but the additional information was very helpful. Cheers.

Ok. It’s good thing to create an account to use later in Kodi device :+1:

That’s great work. Thankyou for sharing this.

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