Subtitle workaround

Hi,all, does anyone know how to watch a movie on Syncler, Cinema, etc, with ipvanish on and get subtitles. Each time I try I just can’t get subtitles, thanks all. Jimmy.

I can’t get subtitles on cinema hd, cat mouse, etc.

It seems to defeat the object of watching movies on these Apk’s if you can’t get subtitles to work with a vpn on.

I haven’t tried getting subtitles on Cinema HD V2 lately, but when I did, after you’ve selected your stream and the show starts, hit the “select” button on your Firestick (assuming that’s what you’re using), which brings up the video control (i.e., rewind, FF, pause, and play). In the upper RH corner of the screen you should see 3 icons. The one furthest to the right (looks like a keyboard) is for subtitles. You simply select the one your want, it loads, and the subtitles appear on the bottom of the screen.

There are times where the subtitles are out of sync with the actors. If this happens, simply repeat the process and select a different subtitle source.

I just did a test run, and everything I said holds true. The first subtitle I selected was significantly ahead of the actual screen dialogue, so I hit the select button, brought up the controls, and selected a different subtitle source on the fly (i.e., I didn’t stop the stream to do this), and the new one was perfectly synced.

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Thank you it Worked! Hallellulia

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Thanks again guys, Jimmy.

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