Stremio update does it again

V 1.5.0

For the exact update needed for your device go to
Stremio - Freedom to Stream and it will auto detect your OS and when you scroll down it will highlight the proper download for you. Easy peasy.


Thank you for the update @miki Now for your Stremio install video! :v:


I would do a vid but I no longer own a computer to show ppl the easiest way to authorize a premium service. If you don’t care about a premium service, like Real Debrid, and honestly it isn’t really needed with Stremio, then its so easy to install via Stremio - All You Can Watch and enable addons by going to the addons under the hambuger and also going to Torrentio - Stremio Addon to install the Torrentio addon.


Exactly, we still appreciate you keep us abreast of all the updates!


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