Stremio Orion Error

Anybody having an issue getting links for series 2 episode 5 2 Oct 2023.

All i get is " Orion error" and no other links.

Today is 6 Oct. I would have thought it would be available now. Tried with Torrentio + RD and Torrentio+ AD

Not pulling any links at all for me. My regular series are though.

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Thanks Miki. All other library streams are fine. Have to wait a few days maybe.

I see e5 with a placeholder for e6

I have found that some series don’t pull any links on the date it lists. They usually show up a day later.


Good point. I agree, and this series is normally a couple of days late to show episodes. But it’s now 4 days. Hence my query.

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I went to Reelgood to find where HA airs and found only on Acorn TV. I subscribe to Acorn TV, so I looked and only Season 1 is available. Wherever your streams are originating could be the underling problem. But THANX, looks good, I’ll watch it! :+1::+1:

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Checked on fen. Gives due datee in bottom r.hand corner.

I can get HA on Cinema before Seren…