Stremio Orion and AD

I have read through all the posts on this subject, including Tp draco last January.

But i am still having issues with my paid Orion set up.

  1. Links do not show +AD in the same way that Torrentio does.

  2. The majority of times links just don’t load, but the the title of the movie etc, just pulsates on the screen

I have spoken at length with Orion, who to be fair have been excellent in all of my queries. But, they claim that the+ AD is a stremio issue.

Just to add some info: my set up is using a Minix U22xj max android box.

My internet has1gb of mbps and using a vpn only degrades speed slightly. And i am connected by Lan.

My Stremio settings are 2gb cache and hardware accelerated.

The issue of loading is even worse using my new macbook m2 connected by wi fi. Speeds on the mac are also good.

I am wondering whether to deauthorise my AD and reauthorise it again, when re-setting up Orion. But in light of Orion saying it is a stremio issue, i am holding back on this.

Any help im understanding or rectifying this would be gratefully received.

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This sounds more like an all debrid issue than a stremio issue.

I use paid orion with rd and don’t have an issue unless the thing im looking for isn’t available. All debrid does the same thing however i find it to be worse than rd and premiumnize me. Sounds like its trying to get the link but running into failure. Could be ad server related.

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Many thanks. I will contact All Debrid.

I have just deauthorised AD and tried to reauthorise it by inserting the Api key from All debrid account, using stremio API key. But it has been refused. Then tried using Orion API key from AD account…same issue…

Any ideas?

Apologies. All sorted now.

I uninstalled app. Reinstalled and reinstalled Orion with AD.

All showing now. Thank you for your help and patience.

Enjoy your weekend


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Orion on Kodi and Streaming Apps – Your Complete Set Up Guide (

I’m sure you already read through this article, but maybe try it again step by step. All-Debrid works with Orion, and then they both work with Stremio, so this is very confusing to me. Copy and paste where you can to be sure the information is exact.

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@AMD237 Many thanks for the info.

Yep, i have read it thoroughly. But there was a glitch this time when i tried to set up Orion with AD. Rebooting my mac solved it😁

Now I have Orion AD links and Orion Torrents displayed.

So, my perseverance has paid up.


@AMD237 . But i do have one question, when inserting the number of links. I do understand that 5 to 10 are recommended for a free account.

But how many should one set for a paid account? I have mine set to 20, which is far more than i will use.

Thank you

I use 50, but I think 20-50 is reasonable depending on the premium level you purchased. I would maybe try them both and see what happens. If you are getting everything you need with 20, no sense in going higher, but will just take some trial and error.

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Ok. I will leave it at 20. I’m sure that is plenty.


I am, however, curious about the bottom two on the bottom left of the account panel. If you read up to the right about them, it makes sense, but I’m not sure what setting to use to utilize “Daily Hashes” and “Daily Containers”. I have always been stuck on 0 of those since I got Orion. Has anyone figured those out?

Mmmm…Not sure what that means. A wee bit too much for my senior comprehension. Some of this technical jargon, just makes my eyes glaze over🤔

Just checked mine on my Mac…also at zero since i started a premium subscription.

I have a free Orion account linked to my Stremio/RD. Unfortunately, it usually uses up the 100 daily link limit on the first search, so it’s essentially useless. I would get a paid account if it weren’t for the daily link limits (you’d be surprised how quickly you can burn through 1000 links) and I would never get an unlimited lifetime subscription to anything that could go down at any time.

Pity, because there’s occasionally a source in UseNet that the other torrent providers don’t have.

You can change that… make it only search for so many in a day… its not useless.