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Pretty sure this is a dumb question; but I’m sleep deprived enough to ask it anyway. When installing Streamio w/ real debrid, it says you need to copy and paste code. I don’t do any streaming on my PC. Does this mean I have to set up the streaming device on the computer to do Streamio installation? I’ve had Streamio before, on other devices; but I guess I didn’t activate real debris, cuz I don’t remember this part. Wanna double check before I fall down a rabbit hole. Thanks!

Ok my question is, are you talking about Streamio or Stremio? Two different apps. I’m guessing it’s Stremio. Now the only reason the suggestion to put it on a laptop or desktop, is due to adding the Real Debrid API Key. Copying and pasting a lengthy key is difficult, at best, on devices like the Firesticks. Once you have the key successfully installed and Real-Debrid authorized you can now delete Stremio from any device you don’t want it on as your setup and app configuration is stored on the servers and addons are not installed on your device.
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Yes this is another app you talking about. Because it should be Stremio as @Miki mentioned.

But if you have used Streamio in the pass from your PC and you receiving a message to enter the url, this will allow you to create playlist or publish a video.

How do I do that?

To publish a Video Library is as simple and easy as it is to publish a single video:

  1. Go to your Account Library and select the ”PLAYERS”-tab.
  2. Click on the Title of the Playlist Player you would like to publish.
  3. At the bottom of the Playlist Player page, you will find a section titled ”PUBLISH”:

To preview your Playlist Player, simply click the green ”Preview”-button.

To publish your Video Library copy the EMBED-code and paste it in the section on your web page where you would like your Video Library to be placed.

Once you publish your web page, your Video Library will appear and display the videos in the Playlists you’ve selected.


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So…just checkin’…after I dump Stremio off PC, when I watch on the TV, I need to sign in to see the debrid links, right?

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Correct. The nice thing about setting up stremio on your PC is that it is much easier than on an android box/stick. Also, if you want to download and save a videio, you just right click on it while playing and save it to your PC/NAS. After that, once you sign in to stremio on your device(s) it will automatically sync your account with them.


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