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Since we travel a fair amount, I am contemplating “cutting the cord” but have to really make sure I totally understand my way around the “streaming world” before doing so. If I am out of my home market, can I still access local channels in that market throught the use of a VPN in that market? This would be for things like local news coverages as well as sporting events that might not be carried in the market I am currently traveling through.

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Yes is the simple answer. I live in Mexico and set Firesticks up for ppl who travel here to get their “Home” content and to bypass geo restrictions and blocking, a good VPN is a must. Now some servers will still recognize that you’re using a VPN and block you. There are other ways though. IPTV with free playlists and apps like Ola TV along with many others like “local now” get you free channels.


There are a number of free apps which may carry your local newscasts. Stirr, LocalNow & Newson come to mind. These are available on any streaming device that you buy, AFAIK.

Are you using an antenna to get your locals at home?
If so, there are a number of devices which operate off an antenna & make the feeds available to stream. The least expensive one that I know about is Sling’s Airtv which I use. It works pretty well.

Thanks for your help

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I agree the simplest way to receive local channels while on the road is with an OTA antenna at home and a product like Tablo. There are others, but the Tablo device has just two ports - one receives the signal from your antenna and the other is an ethernet port to send the signal out to the internet.

You only need to install the Tablo application on your device to watch all the channels from home anywhere in the US, even shows you have recorded.


I looked at buying a Tablo device.
Then I saw a Sling promo a couple of years ago where you get free AirTV by prepaying for 3 months of a Sling plan. We’ve been pretty happy with the Sling Blue service.

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iPVANISH is help me get free channels from all over the world?
I would like to test first before I get IPVANISH
Thanks. Viorel

Thanks, in addition to news, I was also thinking sporting events like the NFL games if I’m out of market. I am a Direct TV/Comcast guy at home since basic cable is included as part of my HOA fees.

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Well on the firestick I have the silk browser. It’s the Amazon white smile on a blue background labeled “internet”. It is optimized for the Firestick and is cloud based. Streaming content plays perfectly.

Also kodi Matrix 19.4 with an addon like Mad Titan will get you sports. You can also get Ola TV/Ludio/Kshaw and set up your favourite channels to get what you want when it’s on. Just a matter of using something like, to find when the event is on and what channel. Takes time though to set up your favourites and with most free stuff servers come and go so I usually have channels from about 3 different servers set up.

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Or in addition to what @Miki is saying re: Free IPTV playlists, you could use Tivimate with a paid IPTV Service. I know we can’t talk about specific IPTV services but there are many that offer thousands of channels so you can easily find any local channels or any sporting event just about anywhere in the USA or the world for that matter no matter where you might be.

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Mark is absolutely correct. Add whatever paid service you have in Premium for all your channes and an EPG.

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