Streaming help - Nvidia Shield (and in general)

So I am not sure if this issue is specific to the Nvidia Shield (2019 - Pro) or a larger issue so I am hopeful the community has ideas or suggestions…

Like most thanks to Troy I help others set up their Firesticks and Shields. I am working to set up an Nvidia Shield however in both Kodi (Xanax, No Limits) as well as separate APK’s show the premium streams (RD & PM) however in Kodi (i.e. Xanax) will run through all streams however will not play. On APK’s (Cinema) I am seeing odd messages - about cannot complete as there is another…

Background - running Shield off of WiFi (100mbps), I have uninstalled/re-installed all apps (from TP Rapid), cleared cache etc, attempted with and without VPN (IPVanish) removed WD storage device and as a last resort took the Shield to factory default settings and rebuilt again - with the same results.

I have tooled my personal Shiled using the same methods and have never seen this type of issues.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas???

Thanks to anyone/everyone.

I had that problem with mine and I found out if you started playing a movie and didn’t stop it you’ll get that error. I just forcestop mine and it works fine.

Thank you patterson885, - will try your suggestion and see if that helps to rectify the situation.

Sounds like a bug in the kodi build installed apps themselves if they keep popping up like that after doing a factory reset and installation. I’d just dump the kodi builds and go for individual apk installs for the apps you want off either troypoint or filelinked. The stand alone apks will use less data and code than they do to download and play in kodi. With all the nice stand alone apps, there’s really no technical reason to use kodi anymore other than the convenience a bunch of apps on one source. But if they don’t work well, what’s the point? Hope this helps.

Thanks sim_bill, as usual the TP team comes through with suggestions to help one another out.
I cant figure this Shield issue out. On the Firestick’s I was a standalone guy however once I finally was comfortable enough to take the plunge into a streaming device above $50, I love being able to run multiple instances of Kodi without the dreaded storage concerns. On my Shield I have no issues and love Kodi as I seem to get access to a ton of HD streams (vs. standalone APK’s) but for some reason the one person who bought the Shield under my recommendation - I can get my setup to mirror hers.

Sorry for the long winded thank you :grin: