Strange Phenomena with VPN

I am currently out of the country on an island in the caribbean. I have a house here and have been using my firestick for a number of years. I always had trouble receiving Netflix and Prime out of the country even using IPVanish. I had contacted them and asked them why I was being blocked since IPVanish was giving me an IP address from Chicago. They just told me that sometimes that just happens. Another member here suggested looking at ExpressVPN. I tried it a couple of years ago and discovered that it does a better job than IPVanish and allows me to receive Netflix and Prime and other prime channels.
I discovered something new and strange on this trip. I’d love for Troy or one of the other experts to offer an explanation. I discovered that my download speed using ExpressVPN is faster than the download speed without any VPN. This makes no sense to me…Typical numbers are with ExpressVPN I get about 100, without any VPN I get about 35. Just for giggles I tried the IPVanish and got about 17 (which is what I expected). I tried this test multiple times with Express and confirm every time that the speed is faster with the vpn than without the vpn. This completely baffles me. Can someone offer an explanation? tks

I notice the same thing only with IPVanish here in the States. I pay for 60 down and 12 up and usually get close to that. When using IPVanish I get about 85 down and 25 up.

If are trying to login into an app in the US or Canada and you are not in the country the App may know that your internet service is not in that country. Consequently you get blocked. Example I was in Florida, used Ipvanish to log into Toronto and connect to my tv service provider I was Blocked. They knew that my internet provider was not in Canada

I have had a similar problem with my house in the Caribbean. I contacted IPV and they told me to try different U.S. cities as the host. None of them worked. When I contacted IPV again they said “sometimes that just happens”…so much for hiding the IP address. Someone turned me on to ExpressVpn. This one worked great in the caribbean and solved the problem. I even get faster download speeds using this VPN…moral to the story, all VPNs are not created equal. I suggest trying ExpressVpn for your Canadian connection

This happened to me as well. I did extensive tests with IPVanish and expressVPN using every combination of protocols imaginable. My speeds are significantly higher with ExpressVPN using their new lightway protocol. Seems it’s much more efficient than UDP or TCP or even the IKE2 in Vanish.

Most of those apps know when you are out of the country regardless of VPN or not.

And being out of the country and trying to login into a country with a VPN may use more resources as you are so far away.

Vpns should bog you down a whole lot, but accessing Canada or USA from the Caribbean may slow you down a tad.

Unfortunately not a whole lot you can do, you would have to spoof your network entirely tricking the system to think you are in usa/Canada and that requires more than just a VPN.