Stop buying cheap streaming boxes

Just buy nividia shield otherwise your just wasting your money


I think the latest update insanity from Nvidia put lots of ppl off. Ugoos has many good products as do some others. Cheap boxs are an excellent way of testing the waters to see if this hobby is something you want to invest your hard earned money on, and a good way to learn.


I agree with Miki. Shields are great boxes but I wouldnt recommend it to everyone as it would be overkill. Cheap boxes are great for streaming, some better than others for sure. A shield is much better suited for a gamer or an enthusiast.


Years ago, this was probably true but no more. There are now several well made android box brands with good hardware and specs that compare quite well with Nvidia Shield for less money, ( Ugoos, Buzz TV, and Formulier to name a few.) No doubt Nvidia usually finishes first in ratings for overall hardware, gaming capabilities and bench tests. I owned one early on. There are however, certain limitations or drawbacks in terms of lack of customization possibilities, limitations on apps, Home Screen bloatware and limited internal memory. Add to this the recent snafus involving their latest operating system update, along with forced updates, and more people are seeking alternatives if their primary purpose is streaming. To each his own.


Why? Please give some valid reasons why I would need/want to do this? I have 2 T95Z Plus Android Boxes (purchased 2018 and 2020) that have been working fantastic. I use KODI + RD + TraktTV for Movies/Shows and IPTV with tivimate Premium for everything else. I have plenty of RAM and more storage than I will ever need. No performance issues, no overheating issues, nothing. My guess is it cost me less to buy 2 of these than your Shield so how is that a waste of my money?. I’m not a Gamer. Why do I need a Shield?


TXRon stated that unless you are a gamer, then there is no need for a Shield. I don’t think anyone in this thread is trying to change your mind and have you think the Shield is the only way to go. I am a gamer and a streamer. I would not buy a Shield. I use a SkyStream Pro and love it. For gaming, I use an Xbox One. It comes down to personal preference and budget.


I was responding to the Original Poster’s comments and looking for valid reasons why I should stop wasting money and buy a shield.


I usually just ignore statements like the original poster in this thread, as it makes no sense.



This really wasnt a constructive post. I would rather someone who doesn’t know how to go about this to buy something cheaper just to get started. Buying the most expensive thing right off the bat may not be useful for all.

There is lots of guides out there and reviews on all types of android boxes and such. Also for the people who cant spend the money for a shield probably need to buy a cheap box. When it comes down to iptv and tv and movies there is like 5 max apps all you need. Im going to close this thread as its just no point