Stemio on ONN box-solved

I couldn’t get anything to play when I d/l’ed the Stremio pp from TP’s RAI.

I was able to get streams to load & play well using this address in the Downloader app to play

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You need to get the right hardware version for your box.

Please no direct downloads links

Sorry, I didn’t realize that I was doing anything wrong.

AFA the correct versions of Stremio, I am not sure about the ONN box, but I did try installing the correct version directly from the Stremio site for the Firestick and it doesn’t allow utilizing an alternative player either.
Both exhibit the same issue.

Have you loaded all the addons you need? Then when starting a stream you need to click the vlc looking icon in the top right and follow the on screen prompts to change the necessary settings.

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I believe so.
I’m getting Working streams that play well with the internal player.

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