Starlink need vpn?

I have a STARLINK internet. Do i need to use my Ipvanish VPN?


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Starlink is just a internet service, it doesnt matter who you are with. You should get a vpn if you plan to cut the cord regardless of who your provider is.


It’s amazing how so many “other” feeds on streaming will tell people that a VPN is not necessary and a waste of money. I think they all work for “the man”. I don’t do anything without my VPN turned on

You definitely do for unverified sources. With Starlink they will send you a warning and threaten to discontinue their service.

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Am I reading this correctly…? You’re saying Starlink (Elon) doesn’t want you using a VPN with their internet service?

I’m not saying whether they want you to or not. What I’m saying is users have definitely posted all over the internet that they have received copyright warnings and a violation of user agreement messages from Starlink when pirating content.

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Copy…thought it was just about using the vpn…thnx for the clarification.

So, Starlink doesn’t want you to use a VPN or if you don’t they notice you using questionable sources and warn you? So definitely use a VPN when using Starlink services?

Starlink doesn’t make any recommendations for or against a VPN. I don’t know where you guys are coming up with that assumption.

What I’m saying is, some users have posted online that they streamed movies or downloaded torrents without a VPN. They got a message from Starlink saying that violates their user agreement, and to discontinue immediately.

Therefore… I, me personally, would recommend using a VPN.


Hey @Jayhawks659 I’m good…knew where you were coming from after you gave me a bit more context…eg: “when pirating content”… :cowboy_hat_face:

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