Sports channels dont work on my firestick

why whem i get sports on my firestick they wont work

We need a whole lot more information in order to assist you. How are you trying to access sports? On what device? At least with those two questions answered we might have an idea of where to begin trouble shooting.
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i am using the 4k firestick i have loaded lots of free sports and they dont work some movie apps i download wont work they turn on that is it nothing else happens

What free sports sites were you trying to access? Did you use the Silk browser? What sports apps? I’ve tested literally dozens of free sports apps and after trying to use them, threw them all out. Not one worked for me.

Better to get paid subscription for your Firestick … There s no free app for sports… IPTV start by 20€…

Don’t tell the kodi guys that. There are lots of free sports sites, just no longer reliable imho. Ones like sportsbay and the live events in livenettv are gone and for a long time they were the best.

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Possible this s the reason why people buy paid subscription !

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try mad titian sports its in the zenon matrix build and seems to work well includes replays


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Try everything mentioned above and also crew and kodi.

But to be fair and completely honest it’s probably best to pay 10 bucks or so for iptv all the sports you want.

But try all the free stuff there is alot that work.

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