Split Tunneling

Tried to follow directions on split tunneling for ipvanish Amazon. I have an icon for Amazon Prime, but no icon for video. Any suggestions?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Split tunneling allows for an “App” to access the internet without going through a VPN server. You can’t do it for just a single vid. You can authorize the “app”, used to stream the vid, to bypass the vpn servers temporarily, and when done remove it from split tunneling.

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Yes, but when following the video tutorial it says to check Amazon Prime and to check video. I don’t have video to check. Would it be under something else?

I think there’s a misunderstanding. What I believe it means is “video player” so you need to authorize Amazon prime and FireTV Player to bypass the VPN to play “Prime” videos

Thank you. I just tried that and it worked. The tutorial definitely says and shows just “video.” But your solution definitely worked.

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