Split Second Audio Drop Out - Nvidia Shield Pro

On my new Nvidia Shield Pro I’m experiencing split second audio drop out. I thought it was just on Stremio after changing the player to libVLC but now see it on Freedom Stream as well. It happens every couple of minutes or so and then stops for a while and then continues. Not horrible, but aggravating. Here are my current Shield settings for audio:

Audio Output - Auto
Audio Video Sync - is working fine
Match Content - Off
Match Dolby - On
Play Comfort Noise On HDMI - On
Display Volume Control - On
Dolby Audio Processing - Off
Stereo Upmix - On

I have rebooted the Shield and same issue …any help would be appreciated.

Hard to say without actually hearing or seeing it. But I will say that sometimes while using Kodi and watching a higher quality stream with Dolby Vision and TrueHD audio that the audio will cut out for a second or two and the video still plays. I can see the blue light on my AVR turn off for a second then come back on. The cause is just that the source speed is not fast enough to keep up with the file size. Even though my connection speed on my end is more than sufficient. Only thing you can do is choose a different source. Now if this is happening on verified sources such as Netflix, you may have a different issue.

I would turn Dolby Processing on even if you have an AVR and are using passthrough. I tested both ways and my system definitely sounds better with the Shield doing the processing.

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Your settings are almost the same as mine. I use Dolby audio processing, so that is enabled, which automatically disables the unnecessary “Play comfort noise on HDMI”. My audio output is set to HDMI as I am connected to my Samsung Soundbar directly from my shield via HDMI and then out to my all connect box and from there to the TV in. I also do not need the “Display volume control warning” enabled. @Jayhawks659 knows way more about Kodi than I do so the “source” issue may be something to consider as he suggests. I’ve personally never had the issue you mention.

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Seems I always have issues others have not seen…I don’t use Kodi only Stremio and a non-verified iptv service. I will try the settings jayhawks659 mentioned. Thanks to both of you.

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