Space Concerns on Android Box


This message is regarding me having an android box. I am needing assistance with possibly moving apps that I have downloaded to the SD card. Or should I uninstall the apps, and is there a way to designate it to download to the SD card vs the android box. The reason I am asking is due to the fact that I am now getting a pop up message on my box when I turn it on that I have minimum storage left. To free up something but I have uninstalled and cleared cache as much I can. Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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what box is it???..transfer all the apps you don’t use on to that SD card or a flash drive if there is a USB port… Move apps and games to sd card/flash drive on your Android TV Box - YouTube

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What device?

The video above should help.


Thank you. I will view this and attempt to see if that helps. My apologies for the late response I have been working long shifts.

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