Source Too Slow For Playback

The last few evenings while watching a 45 minute program in Crew, a small clock dial appears in the center of the screen and begins to count down to around 10 seconds, then the program starts up. In the upper right a message reads “Source Too Slow For Playback” below that is another message that moves too fast for me to fully read. The source (link) I am using is Kickass with RD. I had no issues for 2 years. What could be causing this? Thanks in advance for all comments.

I get that sometimes. All I do is change links. It could be the link you have chosen is on a very busy server which is slowing down the link. It is just like everything else with the internet, the more people on, the slower it gets. There could be other reasons for the slow down, but I don’t know them.

Last night I tried a different link, but the playback was worse. Very confusing and frustrating.

could be on your side or “The call is comming from inside your house”
Do a speed check up and down.

“The call is comming from inside your house” I don’t understand this quote. I will check the up and down speed of internet.

That phrase refers to an urban legend metaphor meaning the root of the problem may be line performance related within the confines of your property (line condition, hardware, your ISP conditions).

…not necessarily external conditions, such as server performance or source related issues.

Download is around 160 and upload around 30. Should be more than adequate.

close, came from a movie I believe…but I ran out of coffee mid morning :crazy_face:

Yes, speed should be ok

They used the saying in Scream, no?

Originally I’m pretty sure it came from “when a stranger calls”.

Do I need to re-authorize my real-debris account? Would that help?

Spelling error. Real-debrid.

Would not hurt to re authorize. The other night I had many RD links in Syncler, Filmplus, Cinema and none would work. Went to RD website and it was down for maintenace for quite a few hours. I was surprised the links would still show in the APPS. This was on Friday. Do all the maintenance. clear cache, disconnect from the wall etc etc. Good luck

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