Soundbar problems using cinema

My sound ar will be fine with live tv, smarttube and others, but cinema always gives me issues where I lose sound. At first I thought it was just with 1080p streams, but just had the same issues trying 720p. Usually I go into my tv speaker settings and toggle the speakers on/off/auto… Then that for some reason freezes then boots me out of cinema then I usually restart cinema and chose a 720p stream and it works. Why? But this time it did not. Was tired of messing with it so I’m just using the tv speakers and tried to Google with no avail. So I came here for help.

P. S. I’m using a 4k firestick, a Vizio 4k tv and a cheapy taotronics soundbar

Did you go into the settings for your Stick and add the soundbar?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes. I think I did it all correctly. The only thing I couldn’t get to work was the volume controls

If twinned properly to the firestick one of the steps that the system goes through is a volume setup and test, if you didn’t go through that step then it may be because your soundbar is an off brand name that the firestick configuration doesn’t recognize. I had that happen with one customer and he ditched it for a Samsung that was readily recognized and easily configured through the firestick settings.


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