Soundbar HDMI ARC

Ok here is a question I can’t seem to find an answer for. I have a TV with an HDMI ARC port. If I plug the soundbar into that port, can I then plug a Firestick 4K Max into the HDMI port on the soundbar and stream to the TV as if I had plugged directly into the TV? The reason I ask is that I have a friend with a wall mounted 65" TV and it is so tight to the wall there is no space to allow proper airflow to cool the Firestick, so if I can plug it into the soundbar that will allow it to not only be out in the open to cool but it should then receive a stronger 5G signal. Tx for any help.

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Don’t think that will work. The hdmi cable transmits sound and video. The TV would need to have a connection to the firestick, the soundbar won’t carry the that video to the TV. I could be wrong here it’s possible technology changed but the sound bar would have to act as a receiver and transmitter.

You can buy high speed hdmi arc extension cables. Or hdmi splitters.

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HDMI arc is for return audio

Audio Return Channel…



Tx Sketch. I have seen a stick plugged into a soundbar but never understood how that worked, thus my question. Tx Dracoo for your reply.

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I think there are a cpl brands of soundbars that have FireTv built in…like that Ankor that Troy previewed


There is some good hdmi high speed extension cables that will work with 4k streams. Or put a little fan on on stick. That was a amazing thing for overheating.

Aha. I may have the answer myself. A friend just emailed me. He said to plug the stick into the HDMI port on the soundbar labelled “input” and then plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the soundbar labeled “output” and run that to the tv. That makes sense. The Soundbar is acting like a hub.


Ya I would have done the fan like I showed before but when I say tight I mean tight, yowsa, no room for even a fan. I’m trying to get him to buy a better mount.

Remember if your gonna use hdmi cables to get away from tv…
Your gonna need hdmi couplinks

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Couplings? I have a male to male cable.

Not really aimed at u Miki…
Just saying that the stiks have a male…& basic cables have male… so u need a female in there somewhere

Oh you mean if I don’t have a female/male hdmi cable I will need a double female connector to plug the male/male cable into and the firestick. Doh, I can be slow at times lol.

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Hdmi extenders are male to the TV female at the end so you can hook something to the port from a distance or in this case blocked. Won’t need couplers.


Not everybody has Extenders…


Yes I know that, what I said was you can buy them as one unit to extend your hdmi port if needed. They also support what’s needed here.

The emailed solution may work as well. Also if mounting to a wall I’d pre plan for this kind of issue of cable management. You can get wall mount that tilt to help with behind the TV stuff.

Yup a scissor mount is what I suggested. These flat mounts are a nightmare for the firestick, especially with so big a TV. That’s why I wondered about the Soundbar HDMI ports, but Dracoo’s cable might be an even better option. Tx.

I have done this with hidden HDMI cables in the wall to keep a clean, no wires hanging around my TV’s. Firestick is 6 feet from my TV, works great.


use a hdmi switch that’s what I use, that way you’re only using one port on tv.

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I have used a switch before Zettaguard, and had trouble it switching between sources. o run al cables into switch then one out to HDMI arc? Will a switch sense an arc into?

This actually works. I just completed this hook up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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